Monday, March 16, 2015

Artist Greg Irvine.

Hi everyone....l hope you all had a lovely weekend. Thanks so much for your lovely comments and feedback as to whether to paint the cabinet or not. l hope you enjoy today's post even though l was a bit pressed for time getting it done......You see my Mum had a fall a few weeks ago and it's taken until these past few days (and a hospital stay) to figure out that her continued pain was due to a ruptured kidney.....anyway she's home again and recovering ok :-)....though it's Drs orders to take it easy for a couple of weeks, sure....that'll happen he he:-))

A video of artist Greg Irvine's home in Melbourne was the inspiration for this post and l've included the video below. l hope you have the time to take a peek and enjoy it as well. Not only is he a wonderful artist, his home is so characterful and totally unique.....l especially love that it tells HIS story from the moment you enter the front door right through to his back garden.

....and even if his home isn't what we'd have ourselves, l think it shows so well how important it is to decorate with things we truly love and not to let our ideas be corrupted by time, money, fads or other such things that may sway us. Surely then our home will authentically reflect who we are and what we're about. Of course if we live with partners and/or other family members some compromise is inevitable but it's all about holding onto our true vision and staying the course. 
and even if realising our DREAM home isn't possible all at once we can't  let that deter us from creating a place that "rises up to greet you" when we enter (Oprah's words:-).... a fresh coat of paint can go a long way to creating beautiful spaces reflective of our vision. If we're into vintage, retro or antiques these pieces can be found at reasonable prices at markets or opshops just about anywhere, or for a more modern look there's always Ikea for a cost effective option.....we're only really limited by our imagination, aren't we.

l would say Greg's home has evolved over many years as indeed we do ourselves....We change, times, tastes and circumstances change.... Through all of this our homes are usually evolving right along with us.....what, why and how we choose to surround and immerse ourselves with and in tells the story of US....and that's the happiest, comfiest home in the world to live.


Pretty beaded and sequinned dress found at the opshop....not something to wear but as a future project. 
 Chipped and shabby chalk ware crinoline lady.
Lovely lot of chalk ware statues found on pinterest. 
 Greg's awesome house.....If the clarity's not great you can also watch it here. The Design Files.
Thanks so much for stopping by, l hope your week is fantastic.
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  1. You have so many gorgeous pieces! That little round table with the hanging crystal's is to die for!!! My husband gives me free reign in our little space as long as he has his big t.v.:) Ikea is definitely a great place to go for good prices, our sofa's from there and I love it! I'm very proud of how little I've spent decorating our little nest, aside from a few things, everything was a rescue or a thrift find:)

    I've been working on a vintage dollhouse so I DO plan on putting together a blog post on it later this week! Have a lovely day:)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Victoria and for your lovely comment...l too love the crystal drop table, it was found at a flea market about 20 years ago and l've never been able to part with should be proud of your nest Victoria, you have so many lovelies and it's all so beautifully styled...hope you share your vintage dollhouse when it's done. l bought a dollhouse for my daughter when she was young and we were going to do it up together, sadly she grew up before we got around to it....l wish we'd done it but it's been sold on so someone else will hopefully get to do it:-)

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    1. Thanks so much Bella, have an awesome weekend.

  3. I'm so sorry about your mom's accident. Wow what a terrible injury. I'm so happy that she's on the mend now. Your home is so pretty, love your pictures. The video was great,Mr. Irvine 's attitude and style of decorating just made me smile. I love it that he doesn't invite people back who insult his style LOL. I don't blame him, they are rude and boring.

    1. Thanks Karen for your lovely kind words...Mum's regaining strength every day and hasn't really let it slow her up too much. Yes l loved that part in Greg's video too, you can tell he's put his heart and soul into that house so criticism of it would feel like a personal insult l guess....What an amazing collection of Bakelite wonder l can't find any anywhere hahaha!!.
      l loved visiting your Girl's blog, they have such gorgeous girlie pretties.

  4. PS, thanks for visiting my girls!