Friday, February 21, 2014

One More For The Road.

Last weekend hubby and l did a road trip to Adelaide (600 ks away) to visit our daughter. Usually it's her who comes to visit us and when l think about it, l guess she has to blend in with OUR usual routine.....but it was a different ballgame staying at her place and blending in with HER routine and as it turned out she had quite a bit planned for us. First up she and her partner had booked us in for dinner as it was Valentines day when we arrived. Interestingly they'd decided on a funked out...(not McDonalds:-) American style restaurant where mine and hubby's meal was served up in an enamel know the sort your Mum used to make apple pies in....and if that wasn't enough, THEIR meals came out served on a huge slate tile, which totally "floored" us haha!! After stuffing ourselves silly it was time to push on to the dessert bar.... a DESSERT bar.....something we'd never heard was decked out all industrial style, where you have the (dubious) pleasure of perching atop a two step ladder and where your dessert is served on a bread board.........not ONE piece of china did l see all night....not to mention my daughters' dessert came out on FIRE!!!
Apparently we don't get out much:-) 
The next day we were whisked off to do a wineries tour....something we've NEVER done.
We visited different "cellar doors" and they served lots of different wines to taste (free?) in the hope we'd get so drunk and hand over the credit card, slurring.....l'll have a DOZEN of everything......mind you it kinda worked....the wine was bloody delicious and a couple of bottles possibly made their way home with us:-)
Then it was off down the coast for a touristy peek at all the lovely shops and where a couple of opshops were also open...(my idea of heaven....hubby's NOT so much), we had a good old fashioned lunch at the pub...before heading back along the coast road and we were able to drive along the actual beach which l've also never was an awesome few days and we loved how much thought and planning went into making it that way for us. 
A few years ago l found a 1950's dress pattern at an antique fair and have been wanting to make it up for ages.... Finally got around to it, using all vintage fabrics except for the ribbon sash, l just didn't have the right colour so l had to buy the velvet new which is a bit of a shame.... but l'll be keeping my eyes peeled so l can replace it with an old one. 
Six layers of ruffled tulle in the overskirt. 

Found this weird little mesh purse at the market, like keeping your money in a cage....could be handy.
Mum's Sister recently gave me this picture of my grandmother....aged around 20, which used to hang in their family home. 
Interesting vintage room at one of the wineries.
Thanks so much for popping in ....hope you all have a great weekend coming up.
Til next time.


  1. Oh! How fun! I'm glad you had a lovely time with your daughter. We also enjoy visiting wineries, so fun! The dress you made is fabulous! You must have a beautiful talent and skills when it comes to making pretty dresses.
    Have a wonderful weekend! xo Vanessa

  2. I love it when I go to my daughter's. She always treats us to unique places. Love the vintage dress and purse!

  3. So lovely post, I love your vintage dress! Have a nice week, xoxo

  4. Oh my sweet friend u have beatiful prom dress-love!!!
    Have a nice week,,hugs!!!!xoxo

  5. Aww, that's so nice mum. We're so glad you had a good time... and yes you need to get out more ;)