Friday, August 9, 2013

Stick A Star.

Thought l'd share this idea with you....not mine, but maybe it's one you'd like to try yourself.
l found a pretty, shabby fabric in my stash and tore it into shredded lengths which were sewn together to make a length long enough to complete the star.....but first l drew  the star on the wall with chalk so it was the size and shape l was after.....The chalk simply rubs off with a dry paper towel. Each corner was stuck with washi tape.
One of my favourite latest finds, this silver plated has such lovely decorated handles. It's too bad there weren't any forks, only the knives and spoons... but hey l'm happy to mix and match:-)) 
A few more vintage finds.....Sweet porcelain heart decorated in flowers and aqua necklace.

 A mirrored sacred heart.

Detail of the cutlery l found....with mother of pearl cocktail fork?? 
l really love the idea of this transient wall could stay up for a day, a week, or even a few months depending on the display. l'd like to try it out with some postcards, or doilies....l mean we're only limited by our imaginations aren't we.  
My inspiration pic....from Sibella Court. ......Lovely relaxed ribbon star.
Pretty shabby and interesting. 

Moveable wall art. This pic and the one above. e-magdeco. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, and thanks also to my newest followers.....
Hope you all have a happy, restful weekend.
Til next time,


  1. Hey Bron, that is the prefect star! I love that idea..if only I had a spare wall :) T x

  2. This is amazing idea-love it dear!!!!!Loooks beautiful!
    Have a nice day's!

  3. Bron, your fabric star is truly inspiring.
    Thankyou also for the tip on chalking the wall ...
    great idea!
    Pic 8 ... the close up photo of your cutlery is fantastic!
    x michelle