Friday, August 2, 2013

Decorating with nature.

As you know... l love the pretty, romantic things of life, and that's what's mostly on offer when you pop over here for a visit, however my post today is a bit of a deviation from the usual, though l hope you enjoy checking it out just the same. l think most of us can appreciate alternative looks and styles even if it's not something we'd opt for in our everyday lives. 
To my mind skeletonised leaves are quite rare in nature, so when l came across a large bag of them at the market l just had to bring them home with me. According to the stallholder they're fig leaves, many of which have also been dyed. Their fragile beauty was the inspiration for this post......l taped them along a length of string so you can see the detail a little better.

 My shabby old bench was the perfect place to set took a couple of days to create this "visual story".... not because l spent the time artfully arranging things (obviously..haha) mostly it was trying to remember WHAT and WHERE bits and pieces were that l could use.

l like to think it looks a little like one of Sibella Courts' images, she often uses natural, earthy elements in her styling. l've added a couple of her pics at the end of the post.....just in case you're not familiar with her work.  
l've used china birds and metal butterflies, although not "real" as such.....l hope you'd agree they fit the theme. 
l've spent a few winter evenings painting small doesn't feel such a waste of my time to watch telly if l'm practising a craft as well:-)) the couple shown are of pebbles (NOT easter eggs as son thought:-)) and gum leaves. They were stylised and patterned using watercolour pencils.

 Mum found this beautiful chippy Mary at the opshop and  insisted l take her home for the collection....unusually she's standing on a snake, and the snake has an apple in it's mouth....some reference to the garden of eden p'raps??
One of Sibella's lovely images, you can visit her blog via the link above. 
She's also written a number of books which you can find on her website.
I love the interesting things used and the way they're put together.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend coming up, thanks so much for stopping by.

Til next time



  1. Beautiful decoration Bron-love the peacock feathers!!!!

  2. Hi Bron, wow, so much to look at and take in! so pretty and special! I had been trying to contact you via email but wasnt sure if you recieved any of my messages? It was just to let you know that you were the winner of my giveaway for the union jack throw. It is still set aside for you but I would just need your address to post it out?
    Laura xx

  3. Beautiful display! I love all of the colours. Very ethereal!

  4. Wow those photos are amazing! They look wonderful together! Hugs! Ala

  5. Hey Bron, I like your nature inspired post :)

    p.s. 5 days without the internet, that's like a life sentence..haha

  6. Beautiful decoration, those photos are amazing!