Friday, August 23, 2013

A Peaceful Heart.

We've had a couple of snow falls this we do most Winters, so now that's out of the way Spring can come a little early and bless us with a bit of warmth and Sunshine ...PLEASE!!!

l haven't made pillowcases for years but there was just enough of this pretty patchwork fabric to sew a couple. l remember back in the day when Mum would make pretty much ALL our pillowcases from old sheet offcuts and fabric remnants.....they'd be all the colours of the rainbow and had a lovely relaxed, bohemian look about them.
l added some vintage lace and trim to finish. It was great "custom making" them to suit myself:-))
A wire coathanger was bent to shape to form this "peaceful heart" hanger. Fabric was tied and glued  in the centre to make it a peace sign of sorts.... l experimented with the fabric strips (tied around the edge) by lightly starching them and wrapping them (still wet) around bamboo canes.....They were left overnight to dry and when unwound the next day....TA DA... lots of pretty ringlets. 
The central bead has a painted face...with a bit of imagination she could be an angel with her arms outstretched;-))

Pretty Spring snowdrops from the garden.


Jonquils.... also from the garden. 
Stacked chandelier shades.
Pretty sparkly plastic brooch from the fifties. 

This was a great find in a bag of broken bits from the market. Feather necklace perfect for Summer. 
Flowers are perfect for any special occasion.
Let's hope this weekend's awesome for each and every one of you...thanks so much for dropping in...
Til next time


  1. Hi Bron,the "hippie heart" is beautiful-love the idea!!!!And the feathers necklace is ♥
    Have a nice day's!!!

  2. Amazing photos, i love this "peaceful heart" !

  3. Beautiful photos! I love all of the colours you use in your home. So lovely!

  4. Everything is so pretty! Love the pillowcases.

  5. first time visiting your blog. I love it. Love the heart. So nice with the beautiful fabric. I will continue to follow.

  6. Bron, your peaceful heart hanger is one of the
    prettiest things I've seen.
    It looks so fabulous against the turquoise shutter.
    Your custom made pillowcases are really lovely also.
    Pic 9 the closeup of the snowdrops is wonderful.
    Your blog is really amazing.
    x michelle

  7. Lovely pictures once again

  8. Bron, I am in love with the feather necklace!!! And, for everything else, all I can say is..........

    ooh, ahh, ooh, ahh, ooh, ahh..................FOREVER!!!