Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pink - White and Roses.

l know Spring is still a way off so l'm trying not to get TOO excited about the gardens everywhere that are now waking up...magnolias, blossoms and tulips are just some that are already blooming ....soon EVERYTHING will be bursting with life....BRING IT ON!!! 
The lovely roses came from the market, there were so many colours it took forever to choose a bunch.
It's been a while since this corner of our bedroom had any attention so l set about redressing my torso and put together a few of my recent finds to take some photos.
l was really happy to find this repro Victorian shawl for a couple of dollars at the looks 70's to me.  
Sunday was bitterly cold so l rugged up well for the market. At some point l overheard that it was only 3 degrees and with the wind belting across the surrounding paddocks it felt more like MINUS 3, and it got me wondering what "madness" drives ME (and l suspect many of YOU too:-)) out of a warm bed so early on a Winters' morning to hunt for some elusive item.... that's (hopefully) waiting just for YOU, that we may or may not find, and l couldn't really come up with anything remotely logical, but l'm guessing, it must  have something to do with creativity. 
You see l find myself almost always buying things that can be either revamped, repurposed or reworn and am totally excited when l have some kind of project on the go that l believe is going to breathe new life into something that may have been tossed to the tip, or relegated to the back of a cupboard or garage somewhere. l guess too, us junkers have an affinity with the aged, the timeworn and the unusual and hope in some way to preserve, restore and safeguard a slice of history for the future.
.....and even if we find an amazing item that's truly perfect in it's imperfections and needs no "fixing" whatsoever, it may inspire us to arrange a little vignette, or rearrange an entire room... or maybe even convince us to undertake major works in our home or garden depending on just HOW special and authentically that item resonates and "fits" with the vision we have for our world.   
Whether or not it's reason enough to rise at 6am on a Sunday each week l don't know... but hey l'm not complaining;-)) 

Last years' Spring blooms.....All the roses are just sticks (with teensy buds) at the moment. 

This is how our front bedroom looked a couple of years ago....quite a few changes since then:-))

Pretty and girlie....jenneliserose. via pinterest.

Beautiful Florentine dressing table...shabbychicinteriors. via pinterest. 
Hope you're all having a fantastic week so far....thanks so much for stopping by.
Til next time,


  1. Hey Bron, the week has been pretty good so far...just finishing a few pieces off for the markets and have loads of new ideas which is good.

    It's always so lovely to pop does feel like spring with your gorgeous bright and light vignettes...I always love your finds and your styling too!

    It was pretty cold this morning here, it was -6 and our pipes were frozen...bring on the longer days and nice weather! Enjoy the rest of your week too, Tam x

  2. Beautiful roses and your bedroom is so pretty ♥ Have a nice week!!!

  3. Il tuo blog è pieno di splendide ispirazioni che adoro!!!

  4. Hi Bron !
    I always am so delighted to come visit you ! I really LOOOOOVE everything you do to create your vignettes. You are so talented my dear ! Must be exciting to know your spring is near. We will be going into fall in a few weeks already.... But I really love that time of year minus raking all those millions of leaves!!!! Enjoy your week and keep up all the effort you put into your beautiful blog.

    XOXO~ Steph

  5. Hello!
    Thankyou for including one of my pictures in this beautiful collection! So happy that I have found your blog! Happy summer!
    Jennelise xo

  6. Loving your many pretty photos! I am your newest follower!