Thursday, April 11, 2013

Change is as good as a Holiday.

Well maybe not....but it's a start:-). 
 A couple here on the blog....and a small change in my dining room.
You can see how it looked before here. 

Before l painted these backboards, the dresser seemed to lack oomph and felt a little formal... and though l knew it wasn't quite "right" l hadn't thought much about it.... until it hit me early one morning as l was cleaning up. It only took an hour or so to find the torquoise paint, pull everything off.... and paint it. l'm happy with it now, although this blue is not a quiet colour, it seems to relax and "ease" the dresser into the dining room, and also ties in with the blues in the adjoining kitchen/family room. 
These embroidered table napkins were cut from a vintage skirt, there wasn't quite enough fabric for five will just have to do:-))
A closeup of the embroidery. I've not sewn the ruffled edges for a relaxed, casual finish.
Couldn't resist a bunch of purple, papery statice flowers from the market....looking all washed out and beachy here.

This tablecloth was originally pale matches a whole lot better after it's torquoise (dye) bath.
Lovely, romantic and  

Stunning blue vignette.... Selina Lake. via pinterest. 
l hope you enjoyed the post today...though l haven't spent too much time writing:-))
Have a fabulous rest of your week...thanks so much for stopping by.
Til next time,


  1. Beautiful! I also like your new blue blog header and background, so pretty! T x

  2. Мнаго красиво, харесва ми тюркуазенато промяна. Чудесно съчетание с розовите рози .
    Поздрави и хубав уикенд от мен.

  3. Love it all! It turned out so pretty

  4. Gosh Bron it was so lovely to go into your blog and get the 'hit' of
    glorious blue ... how beautiful!
    The turquoise backdrop in your dresser looks extra special and
    your styling of roses and the abundance of romance and prettiness
    is soooo gorgeous.
    Thankyou for brightening my day. x

  5. Hi dear Bron-love your dinnig room soooooo much-love turquoise solour-is one of my top!!!!!ANd love all your things in your home!
    Have a nice day!!!

  6. Bron, I came over to visit, and the color hues grabbed my heart immediately!! Oh my, how lovely!! Each and every image is sooooo soothing, and romantically elegant!!! I want to live in each photo!! xox