Friday, March 15, 2013

Backstage Pass.

It's a bit of a mixed bag today which l hope you enjoy....l have a few new photos to share and l've also added some of my favourite pics from other photo sessions that never made a post. The bedroom pics were inspired by this vintage crochet bedspread l found at the opshop, l don't think it's ever been used as it still had it's tags attached. The two colours perfectly match my bedhead so that's where the pics were taken. using the bedspread as the "kicking off point" for this post, got me to wondering about how other people begin the creative process for THEIR blogposts.

Do people write the posts first and add pictures later....or like me, ALWAYS begin with the pictures.

and l wonder if people take LOTS of photos, or not many at all... and do they edit them.
 l usually just take a few pics, but rework them in my editing program...for me that's where the fun really begins, especially if l have the time to tinker, but if not.... it's just a lighten and brighten...l find this most useful in dull old Winter:-))

Once l used to wander around the house taking photos spontaneously, but don't do this so much anymore, usually the pics are a bit more "staged"..... not so much that l spend time artfully arranging things, but l DO like to co-ordinate a colour scheme and try to "constuct" a theme.

The writing is where l most often come unstuck....maybe that's cos l'm wanting to come across all interesting, smart and funny.....but of course l'm just not..... so that takes WORK.. haha!!

l've read that sometimes people will have posts sitting in their drafts section for months before they publish them and can see where that'd be wise if the story's important or a bit controversial... Even though the writing here is generally brief.... l still like to give myself a bit of reflection time before l hit that publish button.

Well there you have it..... a bit of a glimpse into what goes on around here..hope it was of some interest:-)) 

Fold upon fold of fabric in this 50's wedding dress. see screen test.
This swirly flowered wrought iron table is one l've had for many years, and is so pretty and useful it's lived in almost every room of the house at some time.
Lots of light through the dining room window.... see think pink

The spare bedroom with a few of my faves.....  rosary, lace and embroidery.

Hope you're having a great week, thanks so much for popping in for a visit,

Til next time,



  1. Hi Bron, I LOVE your styling and your funny, well written posts :) I seem to be writing far less these days, sometimes I don't think people even read what I write, who knows. Just to let you know, I do read yours..haha

    Thank you for the lovely message to India, she was well chuffed. She sent a message back, her words, my typing. There will be no stopping her having her own blog now. She is always making little films with her littlest pet shop and drawing, so stayed tuned :)

    Enjoy your weekend, Tam x

  2. Bron, I have the same protocol. And, about 99% of the time, I am inspired by the photo, first, then I write. There are a few times when I have something to say, then I find the photo. I spend time re-working my post. I sit and contemplate how the reader will accept it before I hit the publish button.

    Bron, I love your vignettes! I love your art/paintings, your crafting, and your staging! You are very very talented! And, I love your sweet thoughts, and your humor!!! You have it all to continue to be successful with your blog.

    You are an incredible treasure finder, too. The crochet blanket is gorgeous and does go perfectly with your headboard. So beautiful and comfortable. I am always coveting some of your many finds--in this post, I love the green shaded lamp and your wrought iron table. I am still hoping to run across a carved screen like yours, too!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Bron! And, I look forward to your next post. xox

  3. Beautiful pictures and a great insight into your process. I'm totally not one who has blog post written months in advance. I wish I were. My pictures always inspire my post.I guess everyone does what works for them. I do wish I could get a little more organized and post more. You have some really pretty things.

  4. Sweet, romantic. Love it. Just stumbled on your blog while visiting around. I hope to follow you more closely and hope you'll do the same.

  5. Толкова е разкошна спалнята ти Брон! Харесва ми в меки пастелни цветове.
    Поздрави и хубав уикенд от мен.

  6. Bron, I really enjoyed reading about your creative
    process and the lace bedspread is gorgeous. Love
    the colours.

  7. All very lovely indeed! Did you paint the tutus?

  8. Beautiful. Love your style. I`m now your new follower.

  9. Your pics are always so dreamy and pretty.

  10. I just adore that wrought iron table!! :) Gorgeous photos!