Thursday, March 7, 2013

White and Shabby.

It's only 2 years since l painted the lounge and hallway, but l recently did it again. l was sick of the mural that l painted back then and the colour of the walls just looked dull.  (see updated ). 
Also l'd also spotted this scrubby, shabby bench/shelf and couldn't stop thinking about how great it'd look on this wall, and how useful it'd be to drop our keys, sunnies and phones as we come in the front door. 

lnstead of a mural l wanted to paint a big canvas to match the bench, but (oddly) a large blank canvas wasn't to be found in our town....We ended up having to travel to find this one, but it fits well between the sconces. (1.5m x 1m) l did it in "splashy"style with a little hummingbird in there to add interest and focus to the chaos:-))   
The bench looks to me like it might have been dragged out of an old potting shed....this was the inspiration for pots of colour and cloches....l also taped some botanicals to the wall above.
These terracotta pots were aged with watered down paint and nicely hide the black pots the flowers came in. 
The pot cover began life as a fruit bowl, tipped unside down and a bit of reshaping with the pliers..... it becomes a wire cloche. 
Found this woven wool lightshade at the opshop....l've hung it from the (hallway) chandelier for the pic.
The old louvre doors fit perfectly beside the bench to fill the entire wall.   
Down the hall, through the french doors and into the family room.... As you can see the lounge/hall is nowhere near as light as the family room area, even though it's now it's all the same colour....
A metre wide veranda prevents any direct sun coming in during the Summer....though in the Winter when the sun's low in the sky it's a lovely sunny space. 
The colour is (Dulux Hog Bristle 1/4 strength).
l love the timeworn look of the drawers and that the bench is made entirely from recycled timber.
Still not sure what'll be permanently displayed on the's being changed at whim:-))  but that's half the fun, isn't it.

Lovin' this potting shed and what about those bulbs!!!   blomsterverkstad. via pinterest. 
l hope your weekend's a fun and interesting one, thanks so much for stopping by,
Til next time.


  1. Ах, колко е красив вашият дом! Невероятни цветове, обичам шаби шик. Всичко е толкова романтично и уютно.
    Поздрави и прегръдки от мен.

  2. Hi Bron, I LOVE your potting bench and the new makeover. Though I did think your mural was incredible too. You have the pretties vignettes ever! Do you have a pinterest board? If you do, send me the link so I can follow :) Enjoy your weekend too, Tam x

  3. Hi! stop by to see your chic home love all the pics they are great! and the flower art work i love!!! so much Hugs Val :)

  4. Love all your photos and your blog is one of my TOP!!!!
    Have a nice day Bron!!!

  5. Love your "find"!! The bench is perfect! The painting is perfect! I love the way you captured the little humming bird "humming" above the flowers! I love the centered drawers on the bench--so different! I noticed the woven wool chandelier right away--so uniquely you!

    The peacock mural you had painted 2 years ago, was fabulous. I love peacocks. But, the transformation is so "alive"! You ooze talent, Bron!

  6. I love this post bron - been waiting for it! Pic 1 and 3 are
    my faves - everything looks as amazing as in real life.

  7. Oh lovely ! I love those pretty gloves