Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sunlight and Shadows.

Before too long Summer will be over....already l see the changes, the days are shorter and the mornings are dark when l go out early for a walk. The leaves are turning and beginning to fall. lt'll be sad to see the long hot days end but thing l've learned as l grow older is that change happens whether we're ready for it or not...another season, another year,,, aren't we SO lucky to be here to see fact let's EMBRACE it ;-))

l'm not sure if was just the light at the time but these pics seem to me to have a bit of an Autumn feel about them. 

 l wonder if you're like me and bring home all kinds of random things....l've NEVER seen myself as a collector, more a finder or gatherer.....l don't bring home so much these days, although l'm FAR from being a minimalist, l can't bear a whole lot of clutter either. Besides.... l've watched a few episodes of Hoarders and that's enough to scare anyone away from the opshops and markets...hahaha!!
There's a few rules that l try to stick too whenever l go vintage shopping.
Is it within my budget, (usually about $10.00).
Am l going to use it for an immediate project (not one a couple of years down the track). 
Is it reasonably small.
Do l (or will the reciever ) really love it.
Of course rules are made to be broken every now and then, and believe me l've brought home my share of  "WHAT THE'S" over the years:-)) but l've found using this little checklist has helped.


The ballerina's are from the 80's. Mother of Pearl box sequinned bow, pearl collar, velvet ribbon and vintage hat from the 60's.   

Looking across my bedroom to the bay window where l hung a lace panel to achieve this filtered light effect. 

Vintage millinary flowers, bow and hats. The Madonna was stuck onto an (ugly) fake wood panel, l simply prised her off with a nail file....much better.  
I've loved (and admired) the work of Marina Bychkova for many years, the dolls she creates are out of this world so when l came across these photos for Vogue Japan l just had to share them with you. See more of her exquisite work here. The Enchanted Doll 
Both found via httpshaktisnewblog.

Incredible aren't they!!!
l really hope you've enjoyed this post as much as l had putting it together.
l love that you've taken the time to stop by and for your kind and lovely comments.
Thanks to my newest followers also.
Bye for now.


  1. Beautiful sunligt-LOVE!!!!!!And love your florentine tray!!!
    Have a nice day dear!!!

  2. Bron when I saw pic one I said 'oooohhh' out loud ...
    you've captured the light and shadows so beautifully.
    You're right and you've made me realise ...
    in just one week it will be the last day of Autumn ...
    hard to believe really. Time travels so fast.
    Pic 1 & pic 9 are my faves ... your styling and photography
    is wonderful.
    Enjoyed your tips on vintage collecting too.
    Have a nice day x
    The 'vogue' images are incredible.

  3. Oh, Bron, where do I begin? I can feel the beauty of Fall in your vignettes! I love them all, but I especially love the aqua--all the beauty containers are so lovely set together!!!

    I love love love the pineapple looking vase with roses, and the pink ballerinas dancing around it! Sooo straight to my heart!

    The sunlight stream in each of the vignettes warms my heart! Love how it romances the hues of pink!

    I am swooning over your Vogue shot, with the dolls. I love the other,too, as they are posing with several of my favorite fragrances. How exquisite the dolls are! Thank you.

    Have a beautiful day, Bron!! xox

  4. Ok, what the other two said...haha. No, seriously...beautiful pictures Bron. I am looking forward to autumn, I am even looking forward to a few rainy days! Enjoy your weekend, Tam x

  5. Love those fairy like characters! Gorgeous photos as always!