Thursday, September 20, 2012

Calming Karma

This buddha was bought at the market ages ago for $5.00... Initially l thought he was made from resin and that he'd make a nice garden ornament, however when l went to place him out there last week l had a closer look and realised he's carved wood.... so then it just seemed WRONG to toss him out THERE.

However if he was to stay inside a BIG makeover was in order.....crikey all those colours......not exactly the picture of serenity:-))...The mirror was removed from his forehead, he was then sanded and the gap where the top is coming apart from the base (pic left) was filled with two tubes of super glue. This surprisingly worked great and finally he was given two coats of white spray paint. After he was dry the mirror was glued back in place and some of the edges sanded back to bring out the carved detail....hopefully you'll agree that he looks heaps better.

This made think of my other buddha which l found to take some pics...his big belly and happy face makes me smile:-))

 The freesias were being almost given away at the market as they'd been damaged.... l bought 3 big bunches which l popped into jars and placed them inside this large (fake pressed metal) container.

 Vintage plastic jewellery is something l've collected for many years.... l'm not yet expert enough to identify bakelite from the other plastics but usually l just buy what l love so it doesn't matter.... the bands of colours on the one shown are awesome and to me... screams 70's.

All kinds of plastic here....ruby red "lips" brooch and resin "indian chiefs".


So... another weekend is almost upon us and l guess for many of you...the kids are on holidays...l hope it's a wonderful time for you and yours.

Thanks so much for popping in,

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  1. My dear,
    Buddha is wonderful- I like what JSU gave him the " new look "! And not only the first and the second has its charm -and I now bought one small Buddha :-)
    Your current photo are so beautiful - lots of beautiful things! ! And you're right - it is the heart of shopping !
    Beautiful day! Vicky

    1. Thanks Michaela...hope your new buddha brings you lots of joy and luck:-))

  2. Bron, your Buddha looks so much more peaceful! You did the right thing. And, absolutely love your vignette of the freesias. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. xo

    1. Hi Shelly...thanks.. l'm glad you agree that white buddha is better haha!!

  3. Love the way you painted your Buddha ! I don't use spray paint, but I should ! You gave me a good idea. Nice pictures too.
    Kisses from PARIS

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment and stopping by all the way from Paris...XXX from Oz.

  4. Hello Bron,

    Thank you for stopping by a bit ago, and for your lovely comment on my collage. I enjoyed making it very much.
    I love your new "screen"...great price too! The corsets are adroable and a nice touch!!

    Enjoy a lovely day....

    Hugs and Smiles,

    Art of Mine

  5. Hello Bron, love all the white en cerenity over here..thank you for your visit to my blog, it is much appreciated.
    Hugs&kisses - Colette

  6. What a pretty shoot - love all those gorgeous flowers & your $5 buddha - he looks much happier in white!

  7. Bron, your Buddha looks fantastic - He looks wonderful painted white! ... very zen.

    The freesias look beautiful with all the pretty florals and vintage jewellery ... a feast for my eyes.

    Thankyou for your blog, your creativity, and your upcycling inspirations.