Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rustic Gold

Did you all have an awesome mama's's hoping weekend went great....of course l ate way too much, but if there's cake, it's there to be eaten isn't it......thanks heaps girlz for your lovely b'day/m'day meant a lot.

l was cashed up after the weekend so bought this sideboard l'd been eying off for a couple of weeks....hubby was impressed :-o)(the scream face) when it was delivered late monday night......and l quote... it looks like you pulled it from a paddock....luckily that's just the look l was after.
Son and l did a bit of a deal.... my bookcase, for his louvre you can see l painted them washy pastels on the backs and the fronts a beachy grey. Now they can swapped and moved around at whim.

Then came the fun part of deciding what to put on it.

The little posy of fushias came from my sons garden..... mum made the paper moth from some sheet music....she's not just  a pretty face:-))

Found  the 50's ballet picture at the oppy, and the feathered fan came from a discount store....$2.50 only.
The glass was found at the market a few years ago and would have been part of a set....water jug and six glasses, circa 1880's

So then l had to hang some whites....

Delicious marshmallow soap.... frenchy hand lotion, hydrangeas.....

and pink cut glass perfume bottle all gifts from my lovely family...spoilt huh!!

Princess pretty prom dresses suchprettythings (well worth a look here if you're into pretty) via pinterest.

Vintage shirts mostly 50's and 60's lined up in my sunny bedroom window.

So glad you took the time to stop by..... have a wonderful rest of your week

Til next time,



  1. I SERIOUSLY wish I could shop with you every week!! You are the "treasure finder"!!!! This post is a delight. I love your "pulled from a paddock" sideboard!!! It IS just perfect! And, of course, you know exactly how to dress it up! I'm in love with all of your "lovelies" that create your vignettes!!! And, you find the most incredible blouses. Have a beautiful day, Bron. You've made mine. xo

  2. What a gorgeous post bron ...i actually thought pic 1 was from pinterest ... It's that good! Your sidetable looks amazing as do your shutters and love the green grey colour. Your styling is beautiful! The ballerina picture really caught my eye.
    Thankyou for sharing all your lovely things.
    X michelle

  3. Now that is a sideboard! I love it, all in it's glorious chippy worn state. Its a beauty, as my dad would say. I hope you had a lovely BD and mothers day. Enjoy your weekend, Tam x

  4. Hi Bron. I just had to come over and share my reply to your comment about lists!!!! Here's my reply:

    "Bron, I smile thinking, that you would be the one who I felt kept a check list going. But, then, after thinking a bit more, I realized, you are an artist and think from the heart, even in your shopping. And, that makes perfect sense. I'm glad you don't keep lists, your creativity may be completely different and I love the way you use your talent! Have a fantastic weekend also."

    I wouldn't want a list to stifle your passion in creating your vignettes, lovely flea market finds, and decorating style of your home!!!! Don't keep any lists, Bron, I love you just the way you are!! : )

  5. Beauty- not words! And I send a big greeting ! Vicky