Sunday, January 19, 2014

White Daybed.

It's been scorching hot here in Oz (and in my town) with temperatures around 40 degrees or above for almost a week, not good for being creative or doing anything at all really except flapping around trying to stay cool. Luckily l'd taken these photos before Christmas, so l can share them with you now. It wasn't long after the bohemian daybed post ( here) that l decided to revisit the idea, but this time using an all white theme.
Although l kicked off my pink jiffies to arrange the tulle and liked the wee splash of colour.... so l left them there :-) 

l had a great time pulling out the vintage linens, which l'm always on the lookout for, and am not at all fussy about the size, colour, or imperfections...just as long as l "love" them and they're within my budget, then l'm up for either using them as they are, or finding a new life for them.
 The valance on the daybed is the pretty ruffled edge of a curtain length.
Some of the bedlinens are tablecloths and the tulle was previously a bed canopy.
This pic and the one below are from everything beautiful. via pinterest.
l hope you're all having a lovely, lovely weekend whatever you're up to.
Thanks so much for popping in and having a squiz....
Til next time,




  1. I 'specially liked that sweet white-flowered painting in the white frame over the bed! EVERYthing here is SO delectible!

  2. Gorgeous! What fun getting to pull out all of your beautiful linens and create such a wonderful vignette! I love it!

  3. Ах, какъв разкош!!! Брон, това е просто приказно и великолепно. . .
    Поздрав и успешна нова седмеца от мен.

  4. So simplycity and beautiful dear ♥

  5. Oh my goodness Bron!!!!!! You have managed to sweep me off my little feet once again and take me to your world of romance!!!!! Absolutely stunning pictures !
    Have a great weekend !
    ~ Steph

  6. Where can I buy this lace bed cover? It is exactly what I am looking for.