Friday, April 24, 2015

Top Tips For Successful Garage Saleing.

Here l was strolling past the book shop in town....when l spied Rachel Ashwell's latest book in the usually here in Oz it seems we have to wait 'til EVERY other country in the world has their copies before it hits OUR shores..... but NO...there it was, in all it's shrink wrapped glory, so l pulled my PRIZE from the window and couldn't wait to get it home for a squiz (okay l DID pay for it first :-).......For me.... it's her best YET!!

Any- hoo.....l photocopied some of my most FAVOURITE pages and pinned them to my inspiration board and took some pics....just for YOU:-)
Since the very ESSENCE of Rachel's style is all about got me to thinking how best YOU could find great value vintage, and garage sales are certainly worth considering.....NOT saying l'm an expert in this area since l've only been doing garage sales for a few months but l have discovered a COUPLE of tips you might find useful.

1. Start Early......If you're able to map out a plan of action the night before... then that's the ideal to be where you WANT to be when the sale starts, since the VERY BEST buys are snapped up in the first 10-15 minutes.... Though plenty do, l wouldn't advise getting there really early and banging on doors, you MIGHT get the best deals, but l think (deservingly) you'd cop a fair amount of abuse as well. 
 2. Select. which sale you visit first. People will often advertise some of what they're selling so you can guesstimate which one is more likely to have what you're after. It's a good idea to visit group, close together sales, or car boot sales first.....where there's more variety for you to pick through. Lots of people like to visit the more affluent suburbs first where they believe the quality of finds is better, though usually l find the prices there much higher as well.
3 Bundle....If you find a garage sale that has lots of things you like, start a pile near where the seller/s are and let them know, so they don't sell your stash off to someone else:-) If things are priced (if not make up your own) add up the numbers as you go (at least roughly) so you know what to offer when you're done. If things are cheap l'll not worry too much about haggling, but for many that's half the fun.... it's each to their own isn't it. If things seem a bit spendy then l might haggle a bit..... of course play FAIR and ALWAYS carry lots of small change and's not nice to haggle for a fiver and hand over a fifty.
4. Check Boundaries...It might seem obvious but l've missed quite a few bargains simply because l was unclear EXACTLY where the sale began and sometimes goes up the sides of sheds, or both sides of a driveway, it may even be in all/some rooms of a house, or (in one case) even into the house next door....Just check with the seller when you arrive so's you know.... 
5. Transport.....if you're able to take a ute or a trailer that's a great bargaining tool to buy larger items, that way not only can you offer CASH but you have the means to get that great hulking piece of furniture OUT of their house. 

6. Phone....your phone can be used to not only help you navigate your way around the sales.... but also to check out the price of something you don't know the value of, a useful trick (especially) if you're looking to sell the item on...of course it's better if we have an idea off the top of our heads, since it takes time to run off and google... but we can't always know everything about EVERYTHING can we....make sure when buying furniture to check all drawers (take them out) backs, doors and don't want to take home any hitchhiking BUGS.
7. Set's a good idea to stick a to budget, HARD l know but otherwise it's all too easy to get carried away when the choices are many.....If l'm buying to stock my stall l steer clear of anything broken, chipped, cracked, or damaged..... in my experience people simply DON'T buy them. 
8. Bargains. Of course the best quality buys are to be found first thing in the morning however the best bargains MAY be found post lunch when the sellers are looking to finish up and don't want to be lumbered with having to rid themselves of any leftovers....time to offer them a deal they WON'T WANT to refuse:-) 
l'm thinking l might need to write another post on this topic 'cos l still have lot's more ideas but l hope these help for now:-)
Have an awesome weekend everyone, and thanks so much for your lovely visits and comments on my de-cluttering's so great you enjoyed it.
Catch you later...


  1. Bron this post is really helpful- thanks! I'm waiting for more your ideas:) Thanks for your last visit on my blog:) Have a nice weekend!!! Here in Poland we have wonderful sunny weather so I hope it will be lovely weekend:) Hugs! Ala

  2. Wow, this post couldn't have come at a better time! My husband and I are making a 2 hour drive to Tampa tonight, staying in a hotel, going to a baseball game then waking up bright and early to go to a huge flea market called The Fancy Flea:) I am SO excited! They only hold it twice a year and I've been itching to go since we moved to Florida 3 years ago. I'll definitely keep note of your idea's and tips! I'm such a bad haggler tho, I always feel guilty doing it!

    Isn't RA's new book the best? I love reading her story and the bumps she's gone through along the way. And the pictures...sigh!!! So much eye candy! I'm glad you were able to get it so quickly:) Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your visits to my blog. Beatrice and Marvin appreciate your comments about their beach house:)

  3. Bellissima idea e splendido risultato!!!

  4. Wow, this is a beautiful post. Everything compliments each other so nicely.

  5. Great tips, and will be used while out garage saleing. Also good for flea markets and barn sales.