Friday, November 1, 2013

Walls, Wallpaper and Wedding Dress.

l'm a big fan of home décor magazines and books....especially mags like Romantic Homes. and Romantic Country where every page is an absolute eyefeast....not for me these articles showing a couple of sticks of furniture and oodles of blank space. l mean, l know lots of people like simple and streamlined, but for me....l want to see LOTS of lovely things in a can prob'ly see this in my photos where l try and fill up the spaces and create photos that are (hopefully) visually interesting..... even though l don't live with stuff everywhere all the time.....ok...well maybe just a bit:-)

.....and wall spaces offer so much scope for decoration....just like a huge blank canvas. Here l've used washi tape to hang the prints and the teeniest nails for the weightier bits and pieces. I read somewhere that you can push a smidgin of toothpaste into nail holes in walls to hide them, though l've never actually tried it to say if it's true,  and l guess too this would only work on pale walls.
l found another vintage wedding dress (60's) to add to my small collection, it was irresistible with it's long train smothered in vintage millinery flowers.
A Master's hardware store recently opened in our town and they offer free samples of wallpaper. l brought home quite a few thinking l might do a feature wall sometime. They were all so lovely it seemed wasteful not to find a purpose for them, so the matching blue ones now cover my old hatbox. Not quite vintage but hey it will be in 25 years:-) 
Found another old sentiment cup, and one of the stall holders at the Sunday market had the little gold crown, so that makes three...... and there begins ANOTHER collection:-)

lsn't this rose painting lovely, it's oil on canvas board and cost only 50cents at the's unsigned which is a bit of a shame, but whoever  painted it did an awesome job.

Roses and lilac in my kitchen window.
See post....Afternoon tea time.  

Lovin' the mix of vintage florals in this room. maisonboheme. via pinterest.
Stunning bathroom wallpaper.Rosemary Bellinger Interiors. via pinterest. 
Well that's another week almost over....looking forward to a busy weekend, hope yours is awesome, thanks so much for stopping by.
.....and a big happy Halloween to our American friends.

Til next time,



  1. Beautiful pictures as always! I love the first photo with that splash of raspberry coloured tulle in the box!

  2. Bron, Everything is sooo pretty. I love the paintings
    taped to the wall with the washi tape & your yo-yo blanket.
    The hat boxes look really good covered in wallpaper.
    x michelle

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