Thursday, November 8, 2012

Think Pink.

Well it's been a bloody headless week and that's mostly because l'm the unorganised type:-)) but also partially cos my Mum had a mild stroke (the weekend my daughter came home) and can't drive for a month. lt seems that the whole putting her old dog down had more of an effect than any of us (or even she) realised....hence this small stroke. Of course it's prob'ly a bit unfair to "offload" here... blogland should be a place of serenity (and escape)  but when you blog about your home, family and life like l do...everything is so intertwined that it feels unauthentic NOT to mention the bigger events that affect daily life....Anyway she's doing fantastically well and is totally enjoying all the extra attention from everyone and all the outings to appointments.....(stopping at the odd opshop along the way:-))

On the weekend there were numerous events on around town in celebration of Spring....since l had to work both days l figured l wouldn't get to see much of them, but l lucked out when l got a late start....only an hour, but at least l could manage a quick whip around the Sunday market, there were lots of interesting stalls and it was so early (7.30am) l found a couple of treasures.

This lovely pink patchwork quilt....l have one similar already but it's almost worn out and the pink is so much prettier.

l had to try it on the bed.....
Then l threw it over the table......Also found the large (euro) cushion..not exactly the same colour but still goes well enough with the quilt.  

The tutu painting l've been working on may not yet be finished.... but it matched in so well with the pink theme l've got going on l took a couple of pics anyway.

Made this rosette ages ago with three layers of tulle (pink, white and beige). The cameo hasn't yet been sewn onto the centre...l'm sure l'll get around to it someday:-)) 

Found at the opshop yesterday morning and just HAD to include it in this post.....Infant Jesus of Prague dome...very kitsch but awesome with the rest of my religious collection. 
 Infant Jesus of Prague is a 16th century (Catholic) wax-coated wooden statue of child Jesus located in a church in the Czech Republic. It allegedly holds miraculous powers, especially among expectant mothers.(Thanks Wiki).
Thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely comments. Have a really great weekend coming up.
Til next time,


  1. It is so LOVELY here.....I JUST had to tell you that.



  2. I am in shock Bron, I do hope that your lovely mum is o.k? Did she get the medication quick enough? My gran had a number of small stroke, but she was not left with damage and I think the medication did help. Please pass on our concerns.

    Would you believe that our local newsagents has closed down! Its a right royal pain. Is that the latest edition of the romantic homes? I was buying them but loads of ads put me off.

    Also loves the pretties, the tutu painting is just gorgeous..and love your new addition to your religionalia.

    Thanks for the BD wishes, I shall pass them on. Oh, now Carl is seeing what he can sell to buy a segway..haha

  3. I hope your mother is doing well. Sorry to hear that she had a stroke. It is sad too that her dog had to be put down. I have 2 dogs and they are just like children to me.

    You always post pretty pictures on your blog. It is a joy to look at and read. take care, Darlene

  4. Sweet thoughts to your mother... I've lost my 15 years old sweet poddle 4 months ago, and I can understand.
    Your pictures and finds are great, and I do love your painting.
    thank you for dreaming.
    xoxo from a smoggy PARIS

  5. Wishing the best for your Mum, and I absolutely adore your punk!

  6. I love pink colour,love your photos-all is perfect and beautiful!!!!!Have a nice day!!!! Vicky

  7. Love everything & anything in the colour pink - especially your artwork and china.

  8. Your Home and Religious Collection are Beautiful and I Pray that your Mum recovers from her Stroke. I too "keep it Real" here in the Land of Blog because this is my online Journal Journey and as well as the Serenity and Dreams, there are also the Realities and Life Issues we all deal with. I've found that my Blog Supporters actually can relate to me more and become more relational when they realize it's not all Rainbows and Gumdrops in my World either in spite of all the pretty Images and Fun Times shared.

    Blessings and a Hug from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. Bron I really enjoyed looking at this lovely pink post and
    all your gorgeous prettiness that helped to create it. The pink patchwork quilt and new tutu painting are glorious ...
    as are the roses.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Bron you are amazing!!! I love your new patchwork quilt and are fantastic. I hope your mother will be OK. Have a nice week!Ala

  11. Just to have the pleasure to say hello and to look again your nice blog.
    xoxo from PARIS