Saturday, September 20, 2014

Spring Break.

Last week l drove interstate to spend some time with my daughter for her Birthday. l love to get over to see her since she makes me so welcome and plans all these things for us to do.....we had dinner at a riverside restaurant, lunch at a Boho Bar...we went wood choppin', whip crackin' crazy at the Adelaide show (ok maybe that was just me:-) We also trawled markets, museums, galleries and shopping centres all in the space of a few days. Whew!!!! Now l need a holiday to get over my holiday:-) 
l'm sure it wasn't a good look as l hung precariously off the ladder to reach the high branches of the neighbour's blossom trees that (sort of ;- ) hang over our fence....the silly things l do to make pretty pictures..haha. The weather was against me as the wind had knocked a lot of the blossom from the branches, but hey...l got my pics:-)
l hardly ever take photos in the lounge room as l'm so over the carpet and our couches are dark burgundy. l'd change them for white slipcovered ones in a heartbeat, but when your hubby's a tradie it's just not a practical option....l know they can be washed but seriously who wants to do that every few weeks...especially during Winter, so for now we'll just stick with the wipeable leather. l guess it's easy enough to throw over a quilt if l want to lighten up the space.


While l was away l kept a keen eye out for pretties for my stall at the Mill and was lucky enough to find a few. l also found these gorgeous earrings to add to my ever expanding collection of  vintage enamel jewellery.
Sweet little ballerina print and Madonna with child print.... hand painted Florentine tray.
Here the blossoms take centre stage. 
Two pics above are from  Rachel Ashwell. 
Hope you all enjoy a wonderful and uplifting weekend. Thanks so much for stopping by.
Til next time,


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful visit! I always say that if I can choose between a holiday and a vacation (one being relaxing and the other being all fun and frenzy) I'll choose a holiday! How nice that you and your daughter both share the same taste! Your home is lovely as always!

  2. How fun that you got to hang out with your daughter! I have my eldest son here for a week and am enjoying having him all to he makes great Mojito's:)

    Your home looks so lovely! I think the quilt looks perfect on your sofa...and I can relate as I have a white sofa and my husband comes home from work with lots of dirt on him so washing all the slipcovers can be a hassle. On his recliner, I just throw a white blanket over it which is much easier to wash!