Thursday, December 20, 2012

Something a little different.

l hope you enjoy this week's's a bit of a mother, daughter combo.

Its a lot of fun having my girl home and of course one of the things we love to do together is opshop (it's hereditary.. haha) l love seeing what catches her eye and what makes it's way home with her.This dress straight from the 70's was something that appealed..... she says it needs a bit of a remake.... it'll be interesting to see what becomes of it.
The Christmas decorating has her stamp on it as well.....the starfish were shaped from air dried clay before she came home, they've since been painted and strung with ribbon, she also covered the baubles on the tree in keeping with the beach theme we planned ages ago.
l liked the idea of tyeing the presents with tulle...hopefully it passes as beachy since it's a type of netting:-))... l like to think it gives a lift to the understated wrapping paper.
The last couple of Christmases l've had a purple tree, but l've really missed having a white one... so the  purple one's been passed on to a good home and l chose this snowy speciman instead.

l just had to sneak a few pink roses in there didn't l...(just for the pic).
Brown paper wrapping and fluffy tulle bows...the guys'll LOVE 'em ;-))

l added a few accessories to her dress...fringed bag, vintage hat and a few roses add some pretty.

Just wanted to show you how long the dress is....pretty much floor length.

Lovin' this white hydrangea smothered hat.

Strung some vintage mercury glass baubles (in different sizes) onto a chain to create a festive door knob decoration.

This is last years Christmas table....

.....still a work in progress when the pics were taken.... but before too many colours were added :-))
The striped tablecloths were made from tab top curtains....the tabs were simply cut off the top and then thrown over plain white tablecloths. 
 l hope to do a quickie post before Christmas day...but just in case it doesn't happen....
l'd like to wish you a truly beautiful Christmas season laydeez...l wish you all the very best things of love and peace and happiness and l hope you all get the chance to simply relax, kick back and enjoy this special time with your families.
Thanks so much for stopping by to visit and also for your lovely comments....
Til next time.


  1. It all looks so pretty! Love the dress!

    1. Thank so much Deanne...have popped over to your site but don't know how to join in (tech challlenged:)) Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Wow Bron-this is beautiful post!!!!!!!LOVE!!!
    Love your christmas tree,love your table-it's perfect,love your photos-all!!!!!!!♥
    Greetings! Vicky

    1. So happy you enjoyed the post Michaela...hope you have a GREAT Christmas season.

  3. Hi Bron, I'd love to see the guys faces when they received their tulle wrapped pressies :) If I don't catch up before Christmas, have a lovely day with your family and I hope Santa brings you lots of goodies, Tam x

  4. Haha!! yeh it'd make a good photo seeing their faces when they get handed their presents wouldn't it....hope you and yours have a fantastic day as well Tam:-))

  5. Hi Bron I really enjoyed this mother daughter combo post.
    The dress is gorgeous and looks so lovely the way it
    has been styled.
    I really love your beachy xmas theme too with the clay starfish
    hessian baubles and tuille bows.
    You are both very clever and make a great team.
    I do hope you get to post again!
    Happy creativity & happy xmas to you both.
    x michelle

  6. Thanks so much for your lovely comment especially when things are so busy...l love that you enjoyed the was a fun one to do.Hope tomorrow's a fantastic fun filled day for you and your family.