Friday, August 10, 2012

Garden Room

Only 3 weeks til Spring...!!!

.....which is just a bit exciting .... and it inspired me to try and pretty up the garden room to take some pics.......l rarely show pics of this room cos although it's a lovely light filled and well used room, specially in Winter with the wood fire..(off to the left) it's not without it's problems. This room was added on after we built the house so all the walls are brick...hubby loves them (but NOT me) so he refuses to plaster and is totally against me painting them..... such a guy thing isn't it :-)) In the pic above l've covered the walls with a screen and hung some white prettties... they hide not only the walls but also the door into the garage.

The table and chairs were bought new..... but as soon as they came home l whitewashed all the metalwork and had  a new clear glass top made up....The original glass was dark brown and the steel a dirty beige .......NOT awesome....much better now.

The cups and saucers were a recent opshop find.....l thought them so pretty and unusual with the diamantes set into them....a couple of the stones were missing but l soon found some replacements in my bead stash.....not exactly the same, but close enough.

Pots of daisies from the market were wrapped loosely in scarves to hide those nasty old black pots.

An old mirror for some pretty reflections.

Dream garden room....and not a brick wall in sight. haha!! blissfulrhythm via pinterest.

Hope you all enjoy a fun filled weekend.......thanks so much for your much appreciated visits and positive comments....til next time.



  1. Hi Bron, gosh Spring is very close, though it feels the opposite at the moment.

    It must be lovely in the garden room. I love how you have modified the table setting, I think I would walk past it in its original state, but now, its gorgeous.

    The teacups are really pretty, and so unusual. I like your pretty screen,

    enjoy the weekend too, Tam x

    Enjoy your weekend, Tam x

    1. Thanks Tam.... the setting was the only one hubby and l both agreed on except all the beige/brown was NOT working for me...even he liked it better when it was finished:-))

  2. Здравей Bron, твоята градина стая изглежда великолепно, толкова слънчева и уютна. Всичко, което си направила и подредила ми харесва.
    Поздрави и хубав уикенд от мен.

  3. The room is beautiful, with the curtains and dress well you invented it ! It's a beautiful room and the total assets present a wonderful fine tuned details atmosphere.Beautiful details-fresh roses , beautiful glass, porcelain - beautiful! In winter it must be really beautiful!
    My dear frien-I send greetings posustu and I wish you a wonderful weekend! Vicky

    1. Thanks for your lovely compliments Michaela....hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

  4. Bardzo ładny i przytulny pokój:) Krzesła i stół dodają elegancji, bardzo mi się cała aranżacja podoba!!!Pozdrawiam serdecznie Ala

  5. Thanks Nelly and lovely of you to drop by.

  6. Hi Bron,
    I love your blog posts! Such beauty and inspiration and the great
    photographs make me feel like I am right there! Wish I was!!

  7. I can picture myself having morning coffee in a room like this one! Love it!
    Have a fabulous day,

  8. STUNNING garden room, I LOVE it!