Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crowning Glory..


Thought you might like a sneak preview of next week's Spring blog:-))
This week as well as showing a few pretty sparklies l'd like to thank the lovely and talented Tam from atreasuredpast. for awarding my blog the above award.
In order to accept it l need to thank the giver (thanks again Tam) and write 7 things about myself and pass the award on to my fave blogs.... Hopefully the rules are more guidelines cos l can't think of seven things to write about myself that you don't already know, but l've written a story that might brighten your day. (Hope you don't mind me using your idea Tam).
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One day l recieved a phone call from a couple who had heard through a friend of a friend that l painted murals and were wondering if l'd be interested in painting one for their new home. They'd recently travelled overseas and visited the Sistine chapel in the Vatican....and could l possibly paint a section of it for them...the section was the one of God and Adam almost touching fingers (The creation of Adam)......Of course l can whip up a probs :-o !!!
Well it WAS a really stressful project but also a great opportunity to try something really challenging.... The painting was to be a massive 3ish metres long and about 1.5 metres wide and was to be installed in their FRONT entrance hallway ceiling. (No pressure). Handy hubby made me what was essentially a huge easel to sit the board on (which they measured and supplied so l could paint at home) and so it began. If l remember rightly it took about a month to paint and there were a few hairy days when l just wanted to sit and have a sook and a cigarette (that was the EX smoker in me) when my hand couldn't or wouldn't paint anything useful ....but eventually it was finished and then came the most exciting part.  A cherry picker was hired and the painting installed into the ceiling... with the help of a few strong men.....where l believe it still hangs today :-))
Then to top it off...although  a price had been negotiated before l began, we were offered a free three day weekend at their beachfront house on the coast. l'm sure they did this out of the kindness of their hearts and was in no way related to my bulbous red eyes, the constant shaking of my hands, or the fact that l couldn't make a coherent speech pattern, at the end of it....(insert smiley face).
Just as an aside a few years ago hubby and l were able to visit the Sistine Chapel ourselves and here we were staring at the ceiling with loads of other people when hubby points up to the roof and whispers a little TOO loudly....yours is better (with a big grin on his face)....haha!!! BLESS HIM.

These are photos of a photo so the quality is pretty ordinaryand the colours are not true... but hopefully you can kind of see what it's meant to be. Also the ribbon is what l came up with to hide any nudity (at the clients' request).

l've put this one in as well as it shows the remainder of the right side of the mural. At the time l didn't think to take a picture of it on the ceiling....where was my head AT!!
This is Michelangelo's amazing version.

You may remember the napkin rings l found at the opshop a couple of months ago (there's one shown on the table)..... well l decided to turn them into a crown.

l'm not much good at bending steel or welding so l had to enlist hubby's help....we used three of the rings in total. They were bent to shape and pop riveted together.
Then l had the fun task of decorating it using old beads, diamentes and pearls.

Gorgeous crown vignette from via pinterest.

Dreamy dressing table also via pinterest.
Hope you've enjoyed my little ramble...thanks so much for taking the time to stop by,
Til next time,


  1. Стахотни бижута коронки, снимките са много романтични и красиви! Много вдъхновяващо изглежда тоалетката от Pinterest.
    Поздрави и хубав ден от мен.

  2. Beautiful photos, beautiful inspiration! ! These crowns are beautiful ! ! And from my heart I congratulate you on the award- beautiful blog!!! Vicky

  3. Hi Bron, Firstly ... congratulations on your 'One Lovely Blog Award' you are so deserving, your blog is really beautiful and I know your readers love it when you post. Secondly thankyou for awarding me ... you are so kind.
    I really enjoyed your mural story and absolutely I would love to see a
    Photo 2 & 3 look amazing as do your crowns... you are so clever to come up with such great ideas ... upcycling and recreating are totally your thing ... it's certainly a gift.
    I admire your diamente collection too.
    Thanks for brightening my day ... again!!!
    x michelle

  4. Gratulacje za zdobycie nagrody!!!Bron I want to thank you for awarding my blog!!!I'm really happy and proud:)I would like to see a photo because your story was very interesting:) Your pics are lovely and I like them very much!!!
    P.S. Thanks also for visit on my blog!!!Hugs

  5. Thanks so much for your beautiful comments laydeez, and also to NOWAK and IZABELA who also left sweet comments but for some reason they haven't published....l hope you all enjoy the photos,l've added.