Friday, February 17, 2012

Deal or no Deal.

Hi all....Hope you all enjoyed a little romance on Valentine's Day and that the rest of your week's been fun. It's been a busy week here sorting and packing 'cos l'm off to market next weekend to hopefully offload a LOT of goodies(??)'s been over a year since my last one and the cupboards are starting to look like Fred Flintsone' know, where he opens the cupboard doors looking for his bowling ball and a tipload of stuff falls on his head (including the bowling ball) :-o Thankfully there's no bowling balls here yet...but it COULD happen.

Decisions about what to keep and what to sell are always a bit agonising.......invariably as soon as you get rid of something, the next WEEK you wish you'd never sold it. l'm not too keen on selling off my linens... things like teatowels, tablecloths, quilts and lengths of fabric....l'm also well attached to my china collection, however l would just LOVE to have some free space around l'm sucking it up and getting rid of at least part of these collections.

Four metres of Peter Rabbit fabric which is awesome....but seriously what am l ever gonna DO with it.

Vintage china ('specially English) much of which l've had for 20 years....but there's WAY too much of it.

Just putting in this closeup so l can remember it....hehe!!

Thought you might like to see a little more of my handbag collection, not ready to part with these one's yet. 

l bought this pink diamante one at the market years was a little exy....but irresistible to this sparkleaholic.

And this wooden beaded bag was found just last week, its so cute and l may even use it at some stage. On the same (sh)opping trip l also found the old plastic bangle that is it's perfect match.

More of my fave's.....vintage enamel jewellery from flickr. via pinterest.

Too tempting...vintage tin By the way if you have a mome pop over there for a's well worth a visit.

What l wouldn't give for a collection of Blythe dolls....they're the ants pants AND the bees via pinterest. The originals were made by the Kenner company in 1972 (just for one year).
She's almost a foot tall and has an oversized head with eyes that change colour with a pull of a string. Nowadays they're made by Takara.

Thought you might enjoy these quotes l found in a book about collecting which for me are SO true.

It always surprises me to discover how little l enjoy shopping, and yet how much l love hunting and collecting. Go figure!..................Lynne Perrella.(She's the author....Art making collections and obsessions).

And this one
Collecting is of course, for most collectors just a reasonably absorbing and largely harmless pastime, looked upon by an uncomprehending world as a kind of gentle madness.......Stephen Calloway.

So happy you took the time to stop by......have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Til next time,



  1. What fun it must be have a market! Peter Rabbit... I loved all that when my children were little. I'm lovin your english china... people are going to love your stall with all your vintage treasures.
    Enjoyed seeing your vintage bags, reading the quotes and as always, your pinterest pics.
    Have a great weekend.
    x michelle

  2. Hi Bron, thanks for entering my of luck! Its like Fred Flintstones house here too! at least I will have three or more items less when my giveaway finishes :)

    Don't tell me you are getting rid of some of your eiderdowns? Don't do it..or send them my way..haha

    I would love to poke around your stall, it will be a treasure trove! Hoping you have heaps of sales, enjoy your weekend, Tam x

  3. Those eiderdowns in your top pic are gorgeous, please drop me a line (on the very slim chance!) they don't sell at the market (if you decide to part with them in the first place that is!)

  4. Thanks for the encouragement girlz and yeh hopefully it'll be a fun day...Kylie and you's are making me iffy about selling the quilts...haha!!!

  5. Love your quote "It always surprises me to discover how little l enjoy shopping, and yet how much l love hunting and collecting." This would explain my own nature of adventure!!! I'd like to steal a few of your finds! You always have an array of wonderful treasures! xo