Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shabby Pink Summer.

A few outdoor Summery pics and l hope you also enjoy reading a few tips l came up with for decorating with vintage finds, (most of them learnt the hard way:-)) and if you'd like to read some vintage shopping tips you can find them here and here
1.Be specific....Know what "look" you're after, whether it be Frenchy, Shabby, Scandy, Beachy....or any combination of these, (or something else completely). That way you'll only bring home things that fit YOUR style....there's a hell of a lot of old tat out there just begging to be hauled home by the unsuspecting novice:-) l should know l've done it plenty haha... so defining and refining certainly helps narrow down what you KNOW will work best in your space. Having only the things that truly reflect what we're about, makes for a more individual, and cohesive look. 
2. Be my experience it's best not to be bringing home things that don't work unless you (or someone) is motivated to fix it. Cupboard doors that don't shut, latches that don't catch, sofa's or chairs that need upholstering or bits that need replacing, all require time and skill.....otherwise we just end up with rooms and garages full of crap we'll NEVER use.....Of course if you can change or alter it so it serves a purpose then that's great, projects are a fantastic way to stretch our skills and imagination, as long as we know for SURE we'll get to do them.
 3. Be restrained....Having a similar colour palette throughout our interior walls gives a more contemporary and unified look to our spaces, each room will flow naturally and easily from one to another and it also gives our eyes somewhere to rest which is important if our collections are a bit chaotic, colourful or hotch potch:-))

 4. Mix old with new....some of the most striking rooms seem to have a lovely balance of contemporary pieces mixed in with the vintage. This doesn't necessarily mean NEW...(hell almost everything l own is vintage), but it just looks more interesting and "now" if at least some of the things in the room are modern and funky. The addition of vintage relaxes everything and just takes the seriousness out of it all....and we DO want to have fun with our decorating...It offers a more comfy, user friendly way to live in our spaces, not only for us, but our family, friends and pets as well. 


5. Keep it's not ideal to allow our collections to grow out of  control, especially those we display. This doesn't mean never adding to them after they're a certain size, but if we apply the one in and one out rule, or sell on, or trade off pieces that no longer appeal (so much), our collections will remain far more manageable into the future. When fashions and trends change in a few months or years we might want to collect something else entirely and don't want to be stuck trying to get rid of oodles of things that no longer suit our taste or space.... even the most loved collections tend to grow old and stagnant, so rotate your collections, move them around and renew them every so often so they remain fresh and vibrant. 
6. Special considerations.....having said all of that, there will always be those star pieces we collect or inherit that are FOREVER keeps....those that truly resonate with our heart, whether it just be totally beautiful, sentimental or lovingly handmade. These are our future family heirlooms, along with their stories and memories that we can pass from one generation to the next, creating a sense of history for our loved ones for many years to come.

Forever New top with beaded ruffled sleeves......hope l get to wear it before the weather turns cold:-)
Stunning casual Summer catwalk looks from Roberto Cavalli.
 Well that's it for now.....have a wonderful rest of your week, thanks so much for stopping by.
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  1. I love Cavalli fashion !!! And beautiful photos Bron-all looks pretty !!! Have a nice week!

    1. Thanks so much Michaela, yeh l loved those dresses when l came across them and just had to share:-) Hope you have a lovely week also.

  2. Bron, I love your outdoor summer pic.
    Your styling and photography in all the photos
    is really beautiful.
    I especially love all the bright summery colours
    in pic 8.
    I enjoyed reading your words of wisdom
    about Vintage Shopping.
    Thankyou for sharing.
    x Michelle

    1. Thanks so much for popping in Shel, l really enjoyed reading your lovely comment. Not sure if there's any words of wisdom there, prob'ly just a lot of dribble:-)) but meh... Hope you have a great week.

  3. Just beautiful, Bron!!! I love your pretty flowers. Have a lovely days, xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Michaela...... so lovely of you to stop by.

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  5. Adoro le tue immagini e i tuoi colori!!