Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Halloween Post- Sort Of.

Happy All Hallows             

Though Halloween is no biggie here in Oz, and barely registers a blip on the celebration scale, at least in our neck of the woods..... l did want to pay a little bit of homage to the day....To those of you celebrating tonight and tomorrow l hope you all have a glee filled, ghoulish night:-) 
 l relocated the carved table from the family room elsewhere, which left a lovely blank wall to play with. A couple of old picture frames were leant against it and l draped some pale linens over the chairs. 
My Sister's shabby rose was in full bloom and she gave me a lovely big bunch to bring home:-) 
Beautiful room inspiration.....Finally White. 
Skull Love - Halloween inspired....all pics found on My Daughter's  pinterest page. 

Call me weird but old cemeteries are beautiful to me.....l love their hushed and sacred peace. 
l wish you all the best things whatever you're up to for the weekend, and thanks so much for stopping by.
Til next time,


  1. Bron, the rose petals scattered
    over your shabby beachy table
    look gorgeous.

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Shel and for sharing your gorgeous flowers, l love them....and am so glad others are able to enjoy them as well.

  2. We have a statue of this angel in the old city cemetery here. My nephew entered a photograph of her in a talent contest and got 2nd or 3rd place. It hangs in my bedroom.

    1. That's amazing Bonnie... your nephew must be a talented lad and obviously has great taste too:-) Thanks so much for popping in and sharing that..... l once took about 50 shots in the old cemetery here and strangely not one of them turned out... for no logical reason l could find either, weird huh....

  3. So beautiful! I love those gorgeous chairs.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Karen, glad you liked the chairs....they were a gift from my Aunt and l lived with them brown (timber) for years in case she dropped in to check up on them, but one day l couldn't stand them any longer and pulled out the white paint and went for it, so if she drops in now we'll all just have to get over it... haha.